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Exterior Lighting that Enhances Curb Appeal and Home Security

Are you looking to sell your home, add a touch of elegance to an outdoor living space, or are you concerned about it being more secure when you are away? Exterior lighting is a simple and inexpensive solution that ensures your asset is showcased properly and is protected from vandals and intruders. Whether you are looking for wall sconces, fountain lights, or hanging chandeliers, proper exterior lighting adds a nice finishing touch to your home and we can help you find the best fixtures for the following applications:

Highlighting the Details

Highlight the special features of your exterior space at night with the help of decorative lights in many different styles. You can add a soft glow to water fountains, plants and bushes, patios, hot tub spaces, and more. Our lights come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Lighting is like the icing on the cake of a well designed space and will add a look of richness to your property.

Lighting the Way

Help guide visitors to your front door with accent lighting that illuminates your driveway and walking paths. There is nothing worse than someone tripping and falling because they can’t see where they are going when they arrive to visit you. Check out the well lights and landscape lighting available on our website and ensure your guests arrive to your front door safely. Our well and landscaping lights are made of high quality materials that will withstand the elements and will shine bright for many years to come.

Creating an Ambiance

Whether the design of your home is classic and historical or contemporary and modern, we have an exterior lighting fixture that will make your yard sparkle at night. Soft lighting will add a warm ambiance to your outdoor living space that makes for a relaxing evening with friends and family. Depending on the concept of your outdoor living space, you can incorporate chandeliers, hanging lights, post lighting, or fountain lighting to the space.

Home Protection

Good home security means making sure the exterior of your home is visible to neighbors and those passing by on the street. To keep would-be burglars away, make sure that all of your entryways and windows are lit up so the bad guy has nowhere to hide and can’t break into your home in the cover of darkness. We have a variety of lights that will enhance the security of your home and give you peace of mind. To save on energy, check out flood lights and motion activated lighting systems that only activate when there is motion in the area.

Finish the look of your property off right with the brilliant assortment of lights offered by Yale Lighting Concepts. We have exterior lights that will enhance the curb appeal of your home as well as give it added security. Our exterior lights are made of high quality materials that will last for many years to come. Contact us today so we can help you find the right lights at an affordable price.

Lighting Tips for Your Home’s “Forgotten” Spaces

They’re the areas of our homes that we tend to use the least: hallways, staircases, and attics. But these “forgotten” spaces can Khloe-Wall-Hallway benefit from good lighting as much as any other part of your home. Here are a few ideas:


  • When planning lighting for hallways, consider the scale of the area in question. Large, dramatic light fixtures work well with high ceilings, but they often become overbearing in less open spaces.
  • Pendant lights aren’t just for bathrooms and kitchens. You can also use one in a hallway to draw attention to a piece of furniture, such as a console table or a low shelving unit.
  • Directing light at an object at the end of the hall with a pendant or a picture light will pull focus through the space (rather than directing it toward the walls). You can also use this tactic to highlight the ultimate destination, such as placing a dramatic fixture directly in front of a guest bathroom.
  • Is there a corridor in your home’s layout? You can break up an especially long hallway by mixing a variety of lighting effects, so don’t limit yourself to just one type of fixture or bulb. For instance, using a combination of up- and down-lights in a narrow hallway is more effective than just using one or the other.


  • A chandelier works well at the center of a large staircase. It will not only provide sufficient lighting, but it will also serve as a focal point for an otherwise empty space.
  • If you have an open stairway, consider lighting it with floor mounted up-lights; they provide enough light to increase safety while also serving as a nice accent when the stairs are not being used.
  • Another good option for stairs is to install floor washer lights on every other step. This is a great alternative to overhead lights if sloping ceilings prevent them from being practical.


  • You can cleverly utilize attic beams to incorporate lighting into your attic. Consider mounting spotlights from them on either side of the room, then direct the beams so they project at an angle–the whole room will reap the benefit.
  • To light an attic as a workspace or kids’ playroom, consider installing rows of fluorescent lights, which will flood the whole area with bright white light that’s good for work or play!
  • Since angled ceilings often pose a special challenge in attics, consider having additional electrical receptacles installed. That way, a variety of plug-in lamps with adjustable necks can be placed in different areas to add light exactly where you need it to shine.

Yale Lighting Concepts & Design can help you create great lighting for your whole living space, from your reading nook to your outdoor patio. Contact us to find out how. To learn more about lighting for different rooms in the house, check out the rest of our blog!

What is the Euro Lighting Trend?

European style of lighting are becoming some of the most sought-after fixtures on the market. The style can encompass a broad E21200-10PC number of elements but is mostly a simplistic design that plays off of a more modern look and often has eclectic, unique or unexpected flourishes.

Euro lighting is known to combine bold materials like glass or crystal matched with industrial finished metals in various finishes. Most often the core element is the bold abstract shape of the piece when viewed in its entirety.

The artistic mixing of various materials and styles to create an unexpected result is the extension of a trend being seen throughout modern design: blurred lines. This perhaps is one reason Euro lighting works so well in many different types of homes.

To incorporate this style into your home consider where you can add a bit of grandeur. If you have an understated home, this might be something as simple as the addition of a table lamp or a pair of sconces. Euro lighting is ideal for use in the bedroom as the old world charm lends itself to the feeling of romantic luxury.

Euro lighting works by melding together many different styles. The bold, complex, or abstract statement that results is the perfect touch of art for spaces of all styles. Because of the popularity, it is easy to find pieces that will complement your existing style.

To learn more about this style and other trends visit one of our seven showrooms or connect with us today.

Too Dark In Your Office? Try These Lamp Positioning Tips

Swirly _colorswirl_ 9605 Offices requires high-quality lighting or else it becomes too difficult for many people to work. If you are struggling to get your lighting just right in your office, here are a few simple tips. They include light placement tips and more.

Minimize Your Light Placement

When installing lights in you office, it is a good idea to focus on just one or two lights, rather than spreading multiple ones through the room. Why? Too many lights will create heavy shadows that are hard to eliminate. It can also create glare that makes it more difficult for you to read or work on your computer.

Keep It Close, But Not Too Close

Should you position your office lights as close to your desk as possible? Yes, but with one caveat: don’t place them too close. Placing them practically on top of your desk will make it more difficult for you to read by causing an excess of light. So how close is close enough? It should be at least an arm’s length away. In this way, you can control the light and avoid glare.

Don’t Forget The Shade

Light shades are designed to focus your light on a specific area and avoid eye strain from excessive light. Pick a shade that can be directed at you and your desk. When working with overhead lights, a shade will slip over the top of all the bulbs to keep you safe from burns and excessive light.

For more light placement tips like these, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

3 Types of Lighting for Every Room in Your Home

FEISS ProspectPark-Chad-Dining One of the most important things you need to enjoy your home is good lighting. This is especially true during the darker, winter months.

. The main rooms in your house should contain the following types of lighting, so that you always have just the right amount of light based on the time of day and what activity you’re doing in each room. Different kinds of home lighting create an inviting and functional space for your family and guests.

Ambient: Ambient lighting is necessary so that you can have even illumination in any given room. Good choices for ambient lighting include sconces, recessed lighting, or chandeliers. It is also helpful to add dimmers to ambient lighting, so that you have full control over the brightness of the room, based on the occasion. You can even wire the room on multiple circuits, so that you can choose to dim some lights, while leaving others bright.

Accent: Accent lighting is perfect for rooms where you want to highlight a specific object such as a sculpture, painting, or bookcase. You can also use accent lighting to show off a particularly interesting architectural element such as textured walls or archways.

Task: This lighting is necessary for performing certain types of tasks. This can include cooking, writing, reading, or applying make-up. You can use under-cabinet or pendant lighting to brighten food prep areas in the kitchen, and sconces or bath bars in the bathroom for applying make-up or shaving. For sitting areas where you will be reading or kids will be doing homework, table and floors lamps will provide enough light.

Enjoy your home more this winter, by adding ambient, accent, and task lighting to every room in your home. To learn more about our lighting options, contact us today!

Fun & Stylish Lighting Ideas for Your Game Room

If you have a game room in your home, consider incorporating lighting into the room that will match the rest of the space. Effective WAC Lighting_QP-LED544-trio lighting is always an important aspect of any room, and now you can provide such lighting with fun and style.

Pool Table Lighting — If you have a pool table in your game room, you’ll need an overhead light to illuminate the area while you play. Instead of installing an ordinary lighting fixture, try a billiard fixture that has three bright lights with a line of miniature billiard balls running along the top. If you need even more light, consider two sets! This design will perfectly match your decor, and it will also provide an additional element of fun to the room.

Bar Lighting — For game rooms that also include a bar, you’ll want to install another light fixture over that gathering area. A classic look that everyone will recognize is a stained-glass fixture. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into your friendly neighborhood tavern. Add more fun by personalizing the fixture with your family name or a special name to represent the game room in your home.

Game Table Lighting — For game rooms where you have a separate table set up to play cards, checkers, chess, or other board games, you’ll need an overhead light to provide some extra brightness while you’re playing. Consider a mini, rustic chandelier. Many fun options are available from a wine barrel inspired fixture to the whimsical look of leafy vines within curved wooden beams.

Accent Lighting — Finally, for areas of the room that are still a bit dim, consider using accent lamps. Art glass accent lamps, specifically, come in a variety of styles and colors and provide a unique look in any room. They’ll add just the right amount of extra light without taking up a lot of space. Their distinctive design will provide a fun and interesting element to the room that everyone can enjoy.

For more lighting choices, please contact us today. We have all sorts of lighting options for every room in your home. With multiple styles and finishes available, you’re sure to find something perfect to match your decor.

Emphasizing The Dramatic With Low-Ceiling Lighting In Your Living Room

Rooms with low ceilings can be difficult to light because of excessive shadows and glare. Most people pick a fairly utilitarian light Kichler Cahoon_43774AVI_43775AVI_43776AVI_43777AVI_Livingroom that looks pretty uninteresting. However there are many lighting options that you can use to create a dazzling and dramatic look in your low-ceiling living room. Here are just a few of them.

Ceiling-Flush Lighting Fixtures

One problem you’re going to run into constantly with low ceilings is bumping your head into lighting fixtures. However a flush light will stay as near to the ceiling as possible and provide excellent lighting coverage.

Often you can get lights with unique and dramatic designs, like that of a sun or a flower, to create an open lighting situation that allows your living room to breathe.

Mirrors Can Enhance Lighting Power

Working with mirrors in a living room with a low ceiling can be tricky, but you can actually use them to create dramatic lighting effects. For example, you could place one angled towards a darker area of the room.

The light hitting it from your fixture will bounce off of it and towards that darker area, improving its lighting by a few degrees. As a result, you won’t have to invest in so many lights.

Short Standing Light Placement

If you are forced to place extra lights in your living room, try to limit them to no more than one or two. For example, you should always have a lamp that casts out light over the areas which you and your family sit at the most.

You also need to ensure that areas where people might sit and read are well light. Short lamps with adjustable necks are useful here for more accurate lighting.

To learn more about your lighting options in this situation, please contact us today.

A Complete Guide to Bedroom Lighting

In many cases, people design bedroom lighting over time out of necessity. Even after several years of this, they often find they stillKichler 43750OZ_Emile_Bedroom struggle with temporary or thrown together solutions.

This is because though we think of our bedrooms as places to relax and wind down only, they are more than that. In addition, as your needs change, you might want to create private dressing rooms, reading areas and work areas within your bedroom.


It’s important to have control of your bedroom lighting. Sometimes you need to nap or wind down during the day, block out street lights or moonlight. Instead of worrying about controlling this only with lighting, hang room darkening curtains over shear panels. This way, you can choose to let in full light, shear light or no light at all. Dimmers are also important in your bedroom, bathroom and living room to help control overhead lighting.

Overhead Lighting

Choose a distinctive overhead light like a chandelier or whatever large lighting fixture suits your taste. Remember central lighting only stretches so far. Even if you feel you never use your bedroom for tasks; add at least one standing lamp or some bedside lighting to create depth and character to your space. Choose a good bright light and use energy-saving LED bulbs.

Task Lighting

Many people forget about the tasks they need complete in their bedrooms until they’re in the middle of completing them. (Then, they forget again until the next time).

However, if you create areas in your bedroom to complete tasks and light them now, you will increase efficiency and thank yourself later. Think about all the things you do in your bedroom like folding laundry, dressing, work, reading, personal projects, etc.

  • Choose sconces or lamps to light the areas above nightstands. If you do a lot of reading at night. Decorative wall lamps with swinging arms will give you more control over your lighting.
  • Creating a dressing area with a standing lamp, full-length mirror and vanity mirror is an excellent idea. When your bathroom vanity is cloudy with shower steam, you can still dress and make sure your face is okay in full light. Just make sure you also light your vanity mirror itself on both the top and sides.
  • Create nooks or desk areas for reading or work related tasks with standing lamps or table lamps and loveseats, built-in wall seats or desks and chairs.

Contact us today at Yale Lighting to find the perfect lighting design for your unique space.