Emphasizing The Dramatic With Low-Ceiling Lighting In Your Living Room

Rooms with low ceilings can be difficult to light because of excessive shadows and glare. Most people pick a fairly utilitarian light Kichler Cahoon_43774AVI_43775AVI_43776AVI_43777AVI_Livingroom that looks pretty uninteresting. However there are many lighting options that you can use to create a dazzling and dramatic look in your low-ceiling living room. Here are just a few of them.

Ceiling-Flush Lighting Fixtures

One problem you’re going to run into constantly with low ceilings is bumping your head into lighting fixtures. However a flush light will stay as near to the ceiling as possible and provide excellent lighting coverage.

Often you can get lights with unique and dramatic designs, like that of a sun or a flower, to create an open lighting situation that allows your living room to breathe.

Mirrors Can Enhance Lighting Power

Working with mirrors in a living room with a low ceiling can be tricky, but you can actually use them to create dramatic lighting effects. For example, you could place one angled towards a darker area of the room.

The light hitting it from your fixture will bounce off of it and towards that darker area, improving its lighting by a few degrees. As a result, you won’t have to invest in so many lights.

Short Standing Light Placement

If you are forced to place extra lights in your living room, try to limit them to no more than one or two. For example, you should always have a lamp that casts out light over the areas which you and your family sit at the most.

You also need to ensure that areas where people might sit and read are well light. Short lamps with adjustable necks are useful here for more accurate lighting.

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