Kitchen Lighting: 4 Ideas to Consider for Best Results

Your kitchen is a central point of your house, and as such, its appearance says a lot about your home. Lighting your kitchen demands you to consider two main things; one, creating enough lighting to make it possible to prepare meals and two, making it aesthetically appealing and welcoming without being too formal.  

Here are a few things you should consider when lighting up your kitchen.  

Layer the look 

Practically speaking, no single light can provide all the light needed for all tasks, a reason you should consider layering. You can choose to use a single main overhead with small layers placed strategically to light up specific areas.

For instance, you can have the layers above the kitchen sink, over the stove, and at the food preparation station. This will allow you to have enough light in the kitchen while still making it visually appealing. 

Add depth with accents    

Adding accent to your kitchen helps to introduce a dimension that enhances the beauty of your space. Here you need to have unique lighting in specific places; for example, you can use LED lighting to illuminate your decorative glassware or your kitchen cabinets. Ensure that your choice of lights complements the color and the room in general. 

Use sconce 

Sconces come in handy in adding to the beauty of your kitchen. They are mainly used to highlight important features, such as a piece of art. Additionally, they add to the ambiance of the room, especially if they blend well with the main lights. For pleasant results, go for low voltage fixtures to balance your lighting. 

Be careful with heights     

While installing your lighting, it is essential that you watch the heights to avoid having your fixtures too high or too low. The standard measurements are 30 to 32 inches of space between the fixture and the counter. 

Kitchen lighting is as important as the kitchen itself, a reason you should invest in good lighting. The tips mentioned here will go a long way in helping you illuminate your kitchen to make it warm and inviting. 

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