5 Types of Illuminating Living Room Lighting

Your living room is the center of life at home. The living room is where we gather with friends or family. It is where we exercise, watch television, fold laundry, and relax before bed. It is where we play games and watch movies with homemade popcorn in-hand. When your living room is not a home cinema, it helps to have clear, illuminating lighting. But what type of living room lighting should you choose?

We’re here with five great living room lighting styles for you to choose from for your perfect living room.

1. Classic Ceiling Fan Light

The most common and classic style of living room lighting is the ceiling fan light. This dual-purpose fixture provides both comfortable airflow and a centralized point of illumination in the living room. If you want a simple, functional design, you can’t go wrong with the ceiling fan light.

2. Pendant Light or Dual Pendant Light Designs

Don’t need a ceiling fan? Want a design with a little more elegance? Try pendant lights. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and create an artistic piece in any room they are hung. Smaller living rooms can be illuminated by a single pendant in the center, preferably with a frosted cover to gently disperse the light. Larger living rooms might benefit from two pendants, each centered in one half of the room for more complete light.

3. Recessed Canister Lights

Canister lights are the best way to light an entire room brilliantly. They are usually recessed into the ceiling and paired with other, more elegant or mood-appropriate lighting like pendants or lamps.

4. Standing Floor and Table Lamps

Many people prefer standing lamps for their living room illumination. Tall floor lamps with elegant covers or multiple heads can give both flexibility and formality to a room. Tabletop lamps can be placed anywhere, often focused on providing a pool of reading light for each chair.

5. Wall Sconce Lighting

Lastly, you have the option of sconce wall lighting. In living rooms designed for ambiance, sconce lighting offers a sense fo style and history and creates an opportunity for a line of attractively illuminating works of art.

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