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Landscape Lighting Creates A New World

You may not realize it, but your landscaping exists in two worlds. By day, the design is a fixed picture for all to see and admire. Save for seasonal changes, it’s likely to remain so over the course of many years. But by night, the picture is altogether different when the ad1 LED  Kichler Dahlia_49558AZLED_Outdoor_ dition of landscape lighting transforms your property into a 3-D painting designed to be viewed not just from without, but from within.

In this kind of painting, the types of light you install are your paintbrushes. They suggest different moods and define new spaces. Down-lighting with spotlights creates mellow, naturalistic effects; uplighting with well-lights tends to be dramatic and grandiose. Back-lighting lends an air of mystery; front-lighting flattens. Beyond placement of fixtures, there are questions of which types of lenses to use and what color or colors you may want them to project.

Rules of good composition apply just as they would in any painting hanging in your home, only now they apply in three dimensions. But symmetry, balance, choice of focal points, depth and overall cohesion become far more complicated when you consider that a tree or fountain might be viewed not just from one or two, but many possible angles. And there’s no point in creating a nighttime paradise that’s too dangerous to explore so choices for pathway and step lighting are critical.

New to the marketplace are apps that let you control your night lightscape through your computer, smartphone or tablet. They operate via wifi or Bluetooth, sending commands to the lighting transformer to dim or brighten or change colors of various lighting zones.

It’s complicated, so complicated you might want to consider enlisting the services of a landscape architect to help you. Whatever design you arrive at, Yale Lighting Concepts can supply you with any landscape lighting fixtures you might need. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

3 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to accentuate landscaping as well as improve the visibility and aesthetics of the property. A well-lit property will allow you to appreciate your landscaping even after dark. It does not matter if you wish to illuminate house numbers, walkways or the entire property, outdoor lighting will add an extra dimension to any property.

Let’s discuss three benefits of landscape lighting;Kichler_Landscape_Front_Walk

  1. Overall Look of the property: Landscape lighting will highlight the beauty of your building and increase the value of your property as such lighting represents an investment in the property. Well placed lighting will enhance your landscaping and property and give it around the clock curb appeal.
  2. Create outdoor living space: Exterior lighting extends your living space to the outdoors and will allow you to take advantage of the great outdoors after the sun sets. Landscape lighting will also create an atmosphere for entertaining family and invited guests.
  3. Safety:  A property with well placed exterior lighting will deter crime that often takes advantage of darkness. By lighting vulnerable areas of the home such as doors and windows will keep you and your family safe and give everyone a feeling of security. Such lighting provides safety for you and invited visitors after dark by providing lighted walkways and parking areas, as well as sitting and eating areas. Unexpected stairs in an unlit area can cause a fall and injury to your family or invited guests.

If you would like to explore the world of landscape lighting, please contact us and let one of our lighting professionals show you what we can do for you.