3 Types of Lighting for Every Room in Your Home

FEISS ProspectPark-Chad-Dining One of the most important things you need to enjoy your home is good lighting. This is especially true during the darker, winter months.

. The main rooms in your house should contain the following types of lighting, so that you always have just the right amount of light based on the time of day and what activity you’re doing in each room. Different kinds of home lighting create an inviting and functional space for your family and guests.

Ambient: Ambient lighting is necessary so that you can have even illumination in any given room. Good choices for ambient lighting include sconces, recessed lighting, or chandeliers. It is also helpful to add dimmers to ambient lighting, so that you have full control over the brightness of the room, based on the occasion. You can even wire the room on multiple circuits, so that you can choose to dim some lights, while leaving others bright.

Accent: Accent lighting is perfect for rooms where you want to highlight a specific object such as a sculpture, painting, or bookcase. You can also use accent lighting to show off a particularly interesting architectural element such as textured walls or archways.

Task: This lighting is necessary for performing certain types of tasks. This can include cooking, writing, reading, or applying make-up. You can use under-cabinet or pendant lighting to brighten food prep areas in the kitchen, and sconces or bath bars in the bathroom for applying make-up or shaving. For sitting areas where you will be reading or kids will be doing homework, table and floors lamps will provide enough light.

Enjoy your home more this winter, by adding ambient, accent, and task lighting to every room in your home. To learn more about our lighting options, contact us today!