Exterior Lighting that Enhances Curb Appeal and Home Security

Are you looking to sell your home, add a touch of elegance to an outdoor living space, or are you concerned about it being more secure when you are away? Exterior lighting is a simple and inexpensive solution that ensures your asset is showcased properly and is protected from vandals and intruders. Whether you are looking for wall sconces, fountain lights, or hanging chandeliers, proper exterior lighting adds a nice finishing touch to your home and we can help you find the best fixtures for the following applications:

Highlighting the Details

Highlight the special features of your exterior space at night with the help of decorative lights in many different styles. You can add a soft glow to water fountains, plants and bushes, patios, hot tub spaces, and more. Our lights come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Lighting is like the icing on the cake of a well designed space and will add a look of richness to your property.

Lighting the Way

Help guide visitors to your front door with accent lighting that illuminates your driveway and walking paths. There is nothing worse than someone tripping and falling because they can’t see where they are going when they arrive to visit you. Check out the well lights and landscape lighting available on our website and ensure your guests arrive to your front door safely. Our well and landscaping lights are made of high quality materials that will withstand the elements and will shine bright for many years to come.

Creating an Ambiance

Whether the design of your home is classic and historical or contemporary and modern, we have an exterior lighting fixture that will make your yard sparkle at night. Soft lighting will add a warm ambiance to your outdoor living space that makes for a relaxing evening with friends and family. Depending on the concept of your outdoor living space, you can incorporate chandeliers, hanging lights, post lighting, or fountain lighting to the space.

Home Protection

Good home security means making sure the exterior of your home is visible to neighbors and those passing by on the street. To keep would-be burglars away, make sure that all of your entryways and windows are lit up so the bad guy has nowhere to hide and can’t break into your home in the cover of darkness. We have a variety of lights that will enhance the security of your home and give you peace of mind. To save on energy, check out flood lights and motion activated lighting systems that only activate when there is motion in the area.

Finish the look of your property off right with the brilliant assortment of lights offered by Yale Lighting Concepts. We have exterior lights that will enhance the curb appeal of your home as well as give it added security. Our exterior lights are made of high quality materials that will last for many years to come. Contact us today so we can help you find the right lights at an affordable price.