What is the Euro Lighting Trend?

European style of lighting are becoming some of the most sought-after fixtures on the market. The style can encompass a broad E21200-10PC number of elements but is mostly a simplistic design that plays off of a more modern look and often has eclectic, unique or unexpected flourishes.

Euro lighting is known to combine bold materials like glass or crystal matched with industrial finished metals in various finishes. Most often the core element is the bold abstract shape of the piece when viewed in its entirety.

The artistic mixing of various materials and styles to create an unexpected result is the extension of a trend being seen throughout modern design: blurred lines. This perhaps is one reason Euro lighting works so well in many different types of homes.

To incorporate this style into your home consider where you can add a bit of grandeur. If you have an understated home, this might be something as simple as the addition of a table lamp or a pair of sconces. Euro lighting is ideal for use in the bedroom as the old world charm lends itself to the feeling of romantic luxury.

Euro lighting works by melding together many different styles. The bold, complex, or abstract statement that results is the perfect touch of art for spaces of all styles. Because of the popularity, it is easy to find pieces that will complement your existing style.

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