A Complete Guide to Bedroom Lighting

In many cases, people design bedroom lighting over time out of necessity. Even after several years of this, they often find they stillKichler 43750OZ_Emile_Bedroom struggle with temporary or thrown together solutions.

This is because though we think of our bedrooms as places to relax and wind down only, they are more than that. In addition, as your needs change, you might want to create private dressing rooms, reading areas and work areas within your bedroom.


It’s important to have control of your bedroom lighting. Sometimes you need to nap or wind down during the day, block out street lights or moonlight. Instead of worrying about controlling this only with lighting, hang room darkening curtains over shear panels. This way, you can choose to let in full light, shear light or no light at all. Dimmers are also important in your bedroom, bathroom and living room to help control overhead lighting.

Overhead Lighting

Choose a distinctive overhead light like a chandelier or whatever large lighting fixture suits your taste. Remember central lighting only stretches so far. Even if you feel you never use your bedroom for tasks; add at least one standing lamp or some bedside lighting to create depth and character to your space. Choose a good bright light and use energy-saving LED bulbs.

Task Lighting

Many people forget about the tasks they need complete in their bedrooms until they’re in the middle of completing them. (Then, they forget again until the next time).

However, if you create areas in your bedroom to complete tasks and light them now, you will increase efficiency and thank yourself later. Think about all the things you do in your bedroom like folding laundry, dressing, work, reading, personal projects, etc.

  • Choose sconces or lamps to light the areas above nightstands. If you do a lot of reading at night. Decorative wall lamps with swinging arms will give you more control over your lighting.
  • Creating a dressing area with a standing lamp, full-length mirror and vanity mirror is an excellent idea. When your bathroom vanity is cloudy with shower steam, you can still dress and make sure your face is okay in full light. Just make sure you also light your vanity mirror itself on both the top and sides.
  • Create nooks or desk areas for reading or work related tasks with standing lamps or table lamps and loveseats, built-in wall seats or desks and chairs.

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