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Beautiful Pendant Lighting May Be The Answer For Your Home

WAC Lighting_QP-LED544-trio

Got a dark corner?  Kitchen lighting not working for you?  If you have a lighting problem, pendant lighting may well be the solution.  We’re going to look at several areas of your home where pendant lighting can be the answer you’re looking for.

Living Room

If you have a corner where you just can’t see, the right kind of lighting can bring you out of the dark in style.  An unusual pendant lighting choice will make it look like you went out of your way to make a personal statement rather than fixing a lighting problem. The Oberlin Collection makes a very dramatic statement indeed!


With today’s open floor plans, not only do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you also see it from more areas of your home.  You want to make sure you make it worth seeing.  Pendant lighting can  go a long way to transforming your kitchen from boring to beautiful, while at the same time being functional in myriad ways.  So many styles to choose from!  Make sure that whatever rooms you can see your kitchen from will mesh with the style you choose.  If chrome works well for your kitchen, we like the Evington Collection by Fiess.  Industrial more your speed?  Try our simple black pendant.


Outside, pendant lights add class and elegance.  Under a portico, our beautiful Mini Pendant with bronze finish, chain and sparkles adds interest and, of course, light.  Your foyer is another area where you can go all out.  An architectural two-light pendant will jazz things up.

Still not sure which kind of pendant lighting is right for you?  Pendant lighting is all about function and style.  Contact us for more on what pendant lighting can do for you in your home.