6 Simple DIY Home Improvement Projects

During the coronavirus lockdown, we are all spending more time at home. It’s only natural to look for projects and useful ways to improve your home experience. There are many easy home projects that you can have fun doing alone or with your family. Today, we have six interesting and very approachable home projects that you can try.

Repaint a Bedroom 

Painting a bedroom is a wonderful way to personalize your space. Whether you are painting your own room or a child’s room, the whole family can enjoy putting down drop-cloths, taping the molding, and weildinig paint brushes. You can even add attractive stencils or children’s pictures to the design.

Replace a Shower Head

You never realize the difference a shower head makes until you change one. Pick a luxurious shower head with a rainwater head or massage settings, and replace the shower head that came with your house. Not only is this an incredibly easy project, but your body will be thanking you for years every time you take a shower.

Upgrade a Light Fixture

Your home light fixtures could likely use a little improvement. You may have blinding pendants, a creaky ceiling fan light, or not enough light in larger rooms. A new light fixture or changing the features of a current light fixture can transform the look and feel of any room in your home.

Plant New Flower Beds

Spending more time in your backyard these days? Make the yard more beautiful and interactive for the whole family by planting new flower beds. Make flower beds if there aren’t any or repurpose old under-used or weed-filled flower beds. Invite your kids to choose flowers or even plant an edible garden.

Light the Garage

Most garages are not well-lit, but they can be. Now is the perfect time to investigate what it would take to hang a new ceiling light in your garage or add wall-mounted lights in the workshop space where you need lighting the most.

Hang Wall Decorations

During the lockdown, you finally have enough time to measure, anchor, and hang wall art in your home. Choose new art to hang or dig up those old pictures and artwork that you never got around to hanging before. Your home could be beautifully decorated by the time the quarantine lifts.

Ready to try a few DIY home improvements to make your home a nicer place to lockdown in? SO are we! Contact us today for the supplies, ideas, and advice you need for home DIY projects.