Garage Lighting for Security and Style

Garages are places where we park our cars. Sometimes we store things there. Sometimes we have a place to pursue our hobbies. Rarely do we think about changing the lighting that came with the garage.

The lighting in your garage is important. It welcomes you home. It safeguards your treasures and it allows you to concentrate on the things that mean a lot to you. 

The lighting you need depends on how you use your garage. No matter how you use your garage, Yale Lighting has you covered. 

You no longer need glaring and ugly fluorescent lights in your garage. Overhead lighting will illuminate your garage. Not only will it light your way safely from your car to your home but it will do it in style. With lighting sensors your lights can turn on automatically so that you can keep your hands free to carry in groceries or other items from your car.

Sconces can compliment overhead lighting on the inside of your garage. They can also highlight architectural features on the outside of your garage, provide security and ambient lighting. 

Spotlights and other area lighting can highlight storage areas so that you can easily find what you need. You no longer need to fumble around to lay your hands on the things you have stored in your garage.

The right lighting can make all the difference for a work area. Using a combination of overhead lights and directional lighting you can make a corner of your garage a great place to devote yourself to your favorite pass times.

Your garage no longer needs to be harshly lit or under lighted. Yale Lighting can help you find the right lighting for what you want. Our experienced designers can assist the homeowner and contractor alike. Contact us today!