Fun & Stylish Lighting Ideas for Your Game Room

If you have a game room in your home, consider incorporating lighting into the room that will match the rest of the space. Effective WAC Lighting_QP-LED544-trio lighting is always an important aspect of any room, and now you can provide such lighting with fun and style.

Pool Table Lighting — If you have a pool table in your game room, you’ll need an overhead light to illuminate the area while you play. Instead of installing an ordinary lighting fixture, try a billiard fixture that has three bright lights with a line of miniature billiard balls running along the top. If you need even more light, consider two sets! This design will perfectly match your decor, and it will also provide an additional element of fun to the room.

Bar Lighting — For game rooms that also include a bar, you’ll want to install another light fixture over that gathering area. A classic look that everyone will recognize is a stained-glass fixture. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into your friendly neighborhood tavern. Add more fun by personalizing the fixture with your family name or a special name to represent the game room in your home.

Game Table Lighting — For game rooms where you have a separate table set up to play cards, checkers, chess, or other board games, you’ll need an overhead light to provide some extra brightness while you’re playing. Consider a mini, rustic chandelier. Many fun options are available from a wine barrel inspired fixture to the whimsical look of leafy vines within curved wooden beams.

Accent Lighting — Finally, for areas of the room that are still a bit dim, consider using accent lamps. Art glass accent lamps, specifically, come in a variety of styles and colors and provide a unique look in any room. They’ll add just the right amount of extra light without taking up a lot of space. Their distinctive design will provide a fun and interesting element to the room that everyone can enjoy.

For more lighting choices, please contact us today. We have all sorts of lighting options for every room in your home. With multiple styles and finishes available, you’re sure to find something perfect to match your decor.