Too Dark In Your Office? Try These Lamp Positioning Tips

Swirly _colorswirl_ 9605 Offices requires high-quality lighting or else it becomes too difficult for many people to work. If you are struggling to get your lighting just right in your office, here are a few simple tips. They include light placement tips and more.

Minimize Your Light Placement

When installing lights in you office, it is a good idea to focus on just one or two lights, rather than spreading multiple ones through the room. Why? Too many lights will create heavy shadows that are hard to eliminate. It can also create glare that makes it more difficult for you to read or work on your computer.

Keep It Close, But Not Too Close

Should you position your office lights as close to your desk as possible? Yes, but with one caveat: don’t place them too close. Placing them practically on top of your desk will make it more difficult for you to read by causing an excess of light. So how close is close enough? It should be at least an arm’s length away. In this way, you can control the light and avoid glare.

Don’t Forget The Shade

Light shades are designed to focus your light on a specific area and avoid eye strain from excessive light. Pick a shade that can be directed at you and your desk. When working with overhead lights, a shade will slip over the top of all the bulbs to keep you safe from burns and excessive light.

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