3 Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom

When renovating a bathroom, you often think about the tiling that you want in the shower, a vanity that is the most attractive, and the perfect flooring for your needs. But that’s not all you should consider. Lighting is also important. In fact, lighting is an important element in any room, but bathroom lighting is particularly important.Kichler_Como_45170CH_45172CH_Bathroom_1000x807

3 Lighting Ideas Every Homeowner Should Consider for Their Bathroom:

Fixtures – You’ll want the fixtures over your sinks to add beauty to your bathroom as well as provide adequate lighting. For a small bathroom, a simple fixture with two or three lights might prove sufficient. For a larger bathroom though, consider more elaborate fixtures that hold four or even five lights. With the variety of styles available, you can find fixtures for any decor from traditional to contemporary to modern. For something truly elegant and unique, try art glass or fixtures with crystal accents. Once you decide on a style, place one over each sink, or select more of the same style to span the width over both sinks in a continuous line for a more striking look.

Dimmer Switch – Installing a switch so you can dim your lighting is a useful feature for any bathroom. Imagine taking a bath with the lights down low at the end of the day. Your tired eyes will appreciate the dimmer lighting, and your whole body will unwind more easily. A dimmer is also useful when you want to create a romantic atmosphere. You and your loved one can share a dreamy bath together without having to hassle with candles.

Nightlight – Every bathroom should have a nightlight. When you get up in the middle of the night, you won’t have to switch on the bright lights and blind yourself. With a nightlight, you can remain relaxed in the low light, so you’ll more easily fall asleep again after getting back into bed. Various styles of nightlights are available, from rustic to Victorian, so you don’t have to settle for an ordinary, boring design. You can find the perfect one that fits your decor.

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