Building a New Home or Renovating for the New Year? Avoid These Home Lighting Design Mistakes

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It’s important to consider home lighting design along with everything else in your design or redesign plan. You’ll be thankful when you’re enjoying your new home later.

Start with Lighting Controls and LEDs – Not only do lighting controls allow you to adjust room brightness to your liking, you can also install lighting controls with motion detectors and those that integrate with your home automation system. Motion sensors help you save energy and home automation systems allow you to schedule your lighting and coordinate it with other things like security programs, music and temperature.

LED lights are great. You rarely have to change them. They are also bright, naturally energy-saving and come in a wide range of selections and temperatures.

Avoid Excessive Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting is beautiful and every home should feature some of it. However, recessed lighting doesn’t provide enough light for your daily life. Some people attempt to fix the problem in remodels by adding more of the same style of recessed lighting or filling the ceiling with recessed cans.

Unfortunately, recessed lighting casts almost as many shadows as streams of light. The light also doesn’t spread out very much. Instead of adding more recessed lighting, add lighting to different task areas like the kitchen counter, the computer desk or the table beside the couch; to make sure the room has enough light for comfort.

Vanity Mirror Lighting Mistakes – Many people put very little thought in their vanity mirror lighting. They just choose the style that fits in best with their bathroom décor. However, you use your vanity mirror to get dressed for your day and to make a clean, presentable impression.

Many people install lighting on only the top of their mirrors. However, this casts unflattering shadows whenever you use your mirror. In order to counteract this, install lighting on the sides of your mirror as well using wall lighting like sconces or vanity lighting strips.

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