3 Home Lighting Ideas to Brighten up The Winter Season

Soros-Pen-Island Feiss Accent In this post, we will go over three inspiring home lighting ideas to brighten up the winter season.

  1. Nix The Florescent Lighting: If you have any florescent lighting in your home, kick it to the curb. Many people who suffer from pesky, mysterious headaches come to learn later on that it is often caused by florescent lighting. Not only can this type of lighting produce headaches, it gives off a harsh, cold feeling. Replace florescent lighting with something warm and inviting for each room in the house.
  2. Utilize Accent Lighting: Accent lighting really is the cherry on top. After you have basic lighting in each room of your house, check out different accent lighting options. Accent lighting is used to do just that: accent lighting that already exists. Accent lighting also serves to create an added decorative feel. The accent lighting you choose can be artistic in form and really enhance the interior design in your home.
  3. Explore Ceiling Fixture Options: For the general ambiance of your home, focus on primary lighting options that light up 75% of the room (the rest can be done by accent lighting). Ceiling fixtures make great primary light sources for larger rooms and foyers, whereas smaller rooms look better with floor lamps and extra accent lighting.

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