What You Need To Know About Task & Accent Lighting

You are faced with some new terms when you are looking for a way to improve your home lighting. Two of these terms are ‘task lighting’ and ‘accent lighting,’ and knowing them can help you pick the best fixtures for your home. Here is what you need to know:

Types Of Task Lighting

This type of lighting is self-explanatory: its purpose is to illuminate a particular task. Which type of light fixture you pick will depend on the activity you want to use it for. For instance, think of spotlights that are directed over the backyard barbecue.

Other types of task lighting would be vanity lighting, swing arm lights, and under counter lights. Pendant lights could be used this way if it is dangled over a table.

Types Of Accent Lighting

People like to talk about accent lighting in fancy interior design articles, but they don’t explain the purpose of it. This is lighting that is used to make various architectural features pop out or to distract from the ugly bits. Types of lighting that are used that way include can lights, picture lights, wall sconces, and niche lighting.

Types Of Lighting That Can Be Used Both Ways

Some types of lighting can be used for both illuminating tasks and fancy touches. Recessed lighting, for instance, can be directed at your work table or an arched entrance. Chandeliers with dimmer switches can be put over the kitchen island or up by the stair landing. Vanity lighting can line the

bathroom wall where you apply makeup or shave, or it can illuminate a really nice painting.

If you want to make your home better suited for your daily activities, would like to give it a new look, or would like to do

both, Yale Lighting can help you. We have a wide array of lights, so contact us to see your options today.