3 Creative Ideas For Your Basement Lighting

Your basement is a space that is totally your own. Since it isn’t in the main area of your home, this often allows you to get more creative and personalized when it comes to your finish work and decor. One element that you can get creative and have a lot of fun with is your lighting. Here are three creative ideas for your basement lighting.

Antler Chandelier 

If you are someone that is really into hunting and you take great pride in displaying your trophy animals, then you may want to use your basement for all of your mounts. The perfect lighting piece to go with your mounts is an antler chandelier. The chandelier can be created from either real or faux antlers and they will all come together to create a pillar of antlers. Candle lights will then be placed around the base of the chandelier to provide light for the area.

Mason Jar Lighting Fixture 

If you are going for more of a rustic look for your basement, then a mason jar lighting fixture is a great piece to add. Multiple mason jars will hang from metal rods that are attached to a rectangular piece of treated wood. The mason jars can either be in a row or placed offset from one another on either side of the wood. The lights are then placed inside of each mason jar to provide enough light for a large area. This helps to give your basement a cozy, country feel that you and your guests will love.

Under Stair Lighting

To create a magical look and feel to your basement, you can add under stair lighting to the stairs descending into your basement. You will have LED lights underneath the lip of each stair, thus creating a gorgeous lighting effect as you walk up and down the stairs. This also creates an inviting glow and fun atmosphere in your basement for both adults and children alike. The lights are also very energy efficient and help to make sure you see where you are going as you go up and down your stairs.

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