3 Great Ideas For Your Stairway Lighting

One important location in your home where lighting is a must is in your stairways. This is an area where it is important that you can easily see where you are going and find your footing. This is also an area where you can add style and personalization to your home by incorporating lights. Here are three great ideas for your stairway lighting.

Built-In Wall Lights 

A modern lighting option for your stairs is built-in wall lights. These lights are installed into the wall adjacent to your stairs and go all of the way down the length of your staircase. These lights are excellent for a winding staircase or one that includes a split staircase. How close or far apart you space the lights is completely up to you, and style options include just about any shape, size, or color you can imagine.

Stair Lights 

Lights that are actually installed within the stairs themselves are excellent for lighting each step. These lights can be installed on the sides of your stairs, on the bottom of each step, or underneath each stair. The amount and size of lights can also vary depending on the style you are going for and how much light you’d like. You can go with small star shaped lights, square or rectangular lights, or any combination or shape you’d like. The great thing about this type of lighting is that it is subtle, but still provides plenty of light.

Hanging Lights

If you don’t want lights built into your walls or your stairs, or if you simply want extra light, then hanging lights above your stairs is an excellent idea. You can go with several design options from Craftmade Lighting when it comes to your hanging lights, such as dome lights, pendant lights, chandelier lights, drum lights, and more. You also have variety when it comes to what you’d like to hang these lights from, such as chains or metal rods. 

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