Making An Entrance; Lighting Options For Home Entryways

First impressions are everything, and that, of course, applies to when people walk into your home. You want to make a statement, show off your style, and provide the perfect ambiance for guests you welcome into your home. One way to be sure you show off your best style is with the lighting options you choose for your home’s entryway. Choosing the right lighting can be slightly overwhelming, so here are just a few of the options we suggest, along with the overall feel that can be accomplished with the type of lighting.

Recessed Lighting

A simple and classic form of lighting, recessed lighting refers to bulbs that are installed into the ceilinTilling-Wall-Stairway  g. This lighting type provides a non-intrusive look in your entryway while offering ample light to welcome people into your home. These types of lights are classic and will fit any style you choose, as well as suit any future changes your home goes through. Choose specialty or energy efficient bulbs to fit your style and preference.


The ultimate look of elegance, create a statement piece as soon as guests enter your home with a chandelier for your entryway lighting. With options ranging from exuberant crystal pieces to more simple and rustic wooden or iron pieces, chandeliers can wow family and friends as soon as they open your door.


If your entryway has room for a table or a floor lamp, these options may be perfect for the home that does not have the wiring for a ceiling lamp or to add depth as accent lighting to a larger piece on the ceiling. Choosing a base to fit your style and shade that provides the perfect level of light to fit your space and adds to the warm feeling of your home.


Making your lighting choices for your entryway is an essential part in creating the perfect first impression as guests are welcomed into your home. With a plethora of options, please contact us with any questions or comments in choosing the perfect lighting for your entryway!