Lamp Shade Lighting Tips

Lamp shade selection is all about the primary purpose of the lamp base upon which the lamp shade will reside. The use of lamps in any given room is typically divided into three main purposes. The main purpose of most lamps is to provide focused light for tasks such as reading, office work, or working on crafts or other hobbies. The second purpose of lamps has to do with instilling a certain mood or feeling within a room. Examples include soft lamp lighting that can make a room feel more relaxed and cozy, as well as other lamps that add a touch of whimsy to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Lastly, lamps can be used to add that “wow” factor to a room’s overall décor. For all these purposes, the lamp shade one decides to place on tkichler_lamps (2)  he lamp base plays a major role in fulfilling the lamp’s overall purpose.

Lamp Shade Color

If a lamp’s primary purpose is to provide focused lighting, it’s best to stick to lighter lamp shade colors such as white, crème, or perhaps a light gray. Lighter shades allow as much light as possible to reach an individual, thus enabling them to clearly focus on their task. The fabric material can also play a key role in the proper distribution of light. Sticking to organic fabrics such as cotton or linen will allow more light to shine through.

If a lamp’s primary purpose is to add a sense of warmth or coziness to an area of a room, it’s best to stick to darker colors. Darker colors will lessen the light radiating from the lamp, creating a softer light. If the lamp’s main purpose is to add visual interest to a specific décor, then the lamp shade color could either be bold to add a pop of color to the room’s décor, or the shade color could blend in with other colors in the room in order to provide continuity. In other words, it’s really up to the decorator and how they want to use lamp shade color as a decorating tool.


Of course, it’s always important to consider lamp bulb choice when creating the perfect lamp ensemble. Low wattage light will not be enough for focused tasks and it may not be enough even for ambience lighting. Too strong a light bulb will overtax the lamp base, as well as potentially causing eye strain from excessive glare.

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