Increase Safety and Efficiency with Smart Lighting

If you’ve ever walked down the frozen food aisle in a grocery store and noticed your path was effortlessly illuminated as you continued to maneuver the cart down the aisle, then you know what smart lighting can do. Of course, these same types of smart technologies are expanding for the home as well. Just as smart technologies help reduce energy costs for businesses, so will they do the same for homeow23-Weston-P1262CI  ners, along with some other really great features.

Increasing Efficiency

Smart lighting features, along with LED light bulbs, can help homeowners avoid wasting money on excessive energy bills. Today’s new smart lighting components can do more than simply turn a lamp on or off. Now with a simple voice command, homeowners can lower the lighting in a room if they want a more relaxed atmosphere, or if they need more lighting for reading or working on crafts, they can easily accomplish that as well. Smart lighting features allow homeowners to go beyond the “one size fits all” lighting of the past. Now they can fine tune their lighting and only pay for the lighting they need, when they need it.

Increasing Safety

App-enabled home security systems, as well as voice-activated devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home Hubs, are changing the way in which homeowners secure them home, regardless of whether they are actually home or if they are thousands of miles away. When coupled together, these smart devices along with smart lighting technologies, allow homeowners much greater control over their home lighting. With a few simple swipes on their smart phones, homeowners can add an additional layer of security to their property. By manipulating both interior and exterior lights, homeowners can look as if they are home when they really aren’t.

Smart lighting features can also be programmed to light up automatically both in the home’s interior and exterior by merely sensing movement. Imagine no tripping over rugs, pets, or children’s toys in order to reach a light switch. Programming a home’s exterior lighting also makes coming home in the dark so much easier.

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