This, Not That: Three Reasons Why Recessed Lighting is Right For You

The goals of recessed lighting is to add visibility and ambiance to your home. Modern spaces are generally where recessed lights flourish, but also fit well into traditional spaces. From washing walls with a warm glow to drawing attention to art pieces, this lighting feature is capable of transforming any space. So is recessed lighting right for your home? Read below to learn three reasons why recessed lighting is the right choice to make when building or renovating your home.

1. Illuminating

With recessed lighting the possibilities are endless. No matter the space, objects, art, and walls can be washed in light. It’s key however to ensure that what you are wanting to highlight is done so properly with correct positioning and bulb color. Lighting the wall, not the floor, is th300269ap_6t120h30wh_43846whled30_6hs30k06al__6hs30k12al_livingroom (1)  e ultimate goal. Recessed lighting can also be used as spotlights. Narrow beams will draw attention to a specific moment within a room helping to create ambiance.

2. Sleek and Space Saving

Upon choosing the right trim style, recessed lighting offers a unique design element: it’s flush with the ceiling. This characteristic allows a room to gain its full visual aesthetic. Also, limited headroom and inaccessibility is no longer an issue since the lighting is recessed. Small in size and sunk into the ceiling, recessed lighting easily gives the illusion that a room is much larger than it actually is.

3. Energy Efficient

With these lights you can definitely save on utility bills. Recessed lighting requires low voltage, ensuring energy savings. Most often these lights respond well when used with a dimming switch, allowing uniform, soft lighting. Recessed lights are often referred to as can lights, and are great for layering with other types of lighting such as pendants. This way, the ceiling does not end up looking like Swiss cheese.

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