Home Office Lighting – Add Function and Style

More and more people work remotely, and even for those who still have a traditional job at an employer’s office, an important hub in many homes centers around a computer station. Whether it’s answering emails, or printing out important documents or homework, a home office is an integral part of many homes. Regardless of whether one is using their office for personal tasks or as an employee working remotely, it is very important to have adequate lighting in a home office, allowing one to easily read information on documents and computer screens.

Consider Function

When determining what type of lighting will adequately serve a particular room, it’s important to consider all the various functions a room will incorporate. A person who is self-employed may require an area in their home office where they greet clients and review printed documents together. Another individual may work at home, but they also want to have a small play area in their office where they can keep an eye on toddlers. Others want to have a space where they can highlight certifications or awards they received during tED_Darwin_Pend_APP2_EP1011MWT  heir career. Sometimes a home office may double as a library in the evening. Lastly, a home office invariably involves extensive computer use. All of these different types of functions require additional lighting beyond a simple overhead light fixture.

Lighting Options

Recessed lighting is a great choice for those who want to illuminate otherwise dark corners of a home office. This, along with track lighting, can highlight spaces such as a small play area for toddlers, an area to review documents with clients, or to highlight awards. For a home office that doubles as a library, wall sconces are a great option. Sconces provide extra light for reading in a comfortable chair or couch, while also invoking a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. For focused office work, consider pendant lighting that can be moved up and down as needed. LED strips can also add focused light to otherwise dark areas around a desk or filing cabinet.


Whatever lighting options a homeowner decides to invest in, there are dozens of attractive styles to choose from. A home office can be just as beautiful and stylish as every other room in the house. If you would like to know more about illuminating a home office, please contact us!