Lighting & Remodeling For The Winter

The chilly months of winter can often make us appreciate the warmth and comfort of our homes. While the weather outside may be snowy and cold, it’s nice to relax indoors within a pleasant atmosphere away from these seasonal concerns. Remodeling for the winter can be a fantastic way of creating a comfortable refuge, giving you and your family a relaxed and inviting space in which to live until spring. As with any remodeling project, lighting plays an important role in how everything is perceived. With winter remodeling, a few particular touches have the potential to transform your hoFEISS Prarielands-IslandChand-Kitchen  me into one perfect for lifting you up out of the cold.

As the nights are becoming darker, your lighting fixtures should provide a soft glow that accentuates the feeling of warmth within the room. Lightbulbs themselves play an important role here, with different color accents providing different moods. Blue-white bulbs generally give off a colder vibe, so try to find bulbs with a warm white color for all your fixtures. Overhead lights are great but aren’t strictly a necessity. You may find it more appealing to use table and floor lamps throughout, providing a snuggly, low lit environment to curl up in. Of course, another great way to achieve a warm, cozy effect is through chandeliers. Modern chandeliers offer a brilliant twinkling effect to your light that can really enhance its beauty as it illuminates. Lantern style coverings for lamps and wall-mounted lights are excellent for the same reason. They offer a peaceful warm glow while providing a gorgeously quaint aesthetic to their surroundings. You may also enjoy some stylish glass covers for your wall-mounted lights, as these come in an assortment of exquisite shapes that pair well with the soft wintery theme.

At Yale Lighting, we offer thousands of options to choose from in our online catalog and within our two showrooms in Pennsylvania. Visit us here to learn more and take a look at all the different ways of transforming your home lighting this winter!