4 Quick Lighting Tips for the Modern Bedroom

Back in the day, you say a single bulb hanging in the center of the room with a pull-string and a button in most bedrooms. Bedroom lighting has come a long way since then. Modern bedroom lighting is geared toward the variety of activities that often take place in a bedroom. Here are 4 quick lighting tips for the modern bedroom that you should keep in mind.


Layered Lighting

To create the very best usable light for the various activities that take place in your bedroom you will want to layer your lighting. This is a type of lighting design, which focuses on different levels of illumination for different aspects of the room. The three main levels of layering include:


  • Ambient lighting creates a soft glow in various corners of the room.
  • Task lighting directs light to a specific position in order to provide light for specific tasks.
  • Accent lighting draws attention to certain features of the room like artwork.


Layering is important when it comes to creating various types of moods and draws out the design features of your bedroom.


Consider Brightness Levels

That single bare bulb in the middle of those bedrooms of the past probably isn’t the look you’re going for in a modern bedroom, but it provides a great point of contrast. Brightness in varying degrees is one of the concepts associated with layering. Ambient light, tends to be a dim suggestion of light, but accent lighting and task lighting can be brighter by degrees. The suggested lumens for a bedroom range between 2,000 and 4,000 with whatever bright lights are included focused on a specific spot for the purpose of accenting or providing task lighting.


Consider Lighting Colors

This doesn’t mean that you go with all of the colors of the rainbow for a disco throwback look. The lighting colors we are talking about has to do with the glow given off by various types of bulbs. You don’t have to go with straight bright white. Today’s lighting colors have varying ranges with amber, rose, violet and blue hints to create a warmer and more relaxing tone.



What would a modern bedroom be without some useful gadgets like dimmers that are operated by a remote control? Dimmers are one way to have more control over properly lighting the range of activities that often take place in a bedroom.


Lighting a bedroom has gone well beyond the days of a single bare bulb and a bedside lamp. Modern lighting for a bedroom is best achieved through layering and greater consideration for brightness and color. Yale Lighting can help you design and install the right type of modern lighting in your bedroom