Create a Warm Winter Home with Your Outdoor Lighting

After the holidays are over and your bright Christmas lights come down, it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut for the rest of winter. Every year, it seems like there is little to look forward to until the thaw of spring comes along. An easy way to keep your spirits up is to continue to put effort into your outdoor lighting. Think dreamy and picturesque. Big, fluffy snowflakes lit up by soft lighting outside of your home will welcome you home into thporch_lighting_49865wzc_49867wzc_andover  e warmth inside. Here are some lighting trends to keep your outdoor lighting exciting after the holidays.


Spotlights are all about showcasing your favorite features of your home. This can be as exciting as spacing multiple spotlights along the entire front of your house and lighting up the whole thing — always a gorgeous look for a snow-covered home — or as subtle as pointing one spotlight toward the beautiful tree in your front yard. Consider your favorite aspects of the front of your home and light it up; it’s hard to go wrong with spotlights in winter.

Outdoor Lamp Posts

Consider adding a lamp post near your entryway. Lamp posts are a classic choice for unique lighting outside of your home that never goes out of style. A snow-capped lamp post is sure to give your front door the warm glow you’re looking for.

In-Ground Lighting

In winter, it can be helpful to find lighting solutions that are practical as well as aesthetic. Adding some in-ground solar lights along your driveway and walkways will surely add to the ambiance you’re looking for in your dreamy winter home, but it’s also safety must. Slippery walkways are a huge risk in winter and in-ground lights help you keep an eye out for any patches of ice.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down once the holidays are over. Keep your home warm and welcoming with soft outdoor lighting! Contact us today for help choosing the perfect winter lighting for your home.