Basement Lighting – Adding the Right Style and Illumination

More and more families are finding their basements are a great space for a home office, a gaming area, an additional bedroom, or just a large space where families can get together, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Just as with above ground residential spaces, lighting options for basements have greatly expanded in recent years. No longer is it necessary to select from a limited range of options like harsh fluorescent overhead lighting, a few lamps or worse yet, a bare light bulb. With today’s wide array of lighting designs, there are basement lighting solutions for every type of décor including industrial, nautical, “man cave”, contemporary and much more.

Consider Purpose

The first step in finding all the perfect lighting solutions for your basement space is to consider all the various activities your family will use the space for. A small kitchenette will require bright lighting for tasks such as dishwashing and food preparation, including the use of sharp instruments such as knives. A home office space requires sufficient lighting to read paperwork and use office equipment such as a PC, a scanner/printer, etc. A space for a man cave might need lighting to highlight sports trophies or other memorabilia. Lastly, other activities such as knitting, watching TV, gaming, reading, or just interacting with other family members in basement living areas — all require adequate illumination.310175wn_phree_gameroom

Adding the Style

Once you determine where you would like general lighting, as well as all the various basement regions that require focused lighting, then the fun begins as you determine which styles are most appealing. Industrial-style track lighting is a great choice for those who would like to harmonize with the industrial feel already found in many basements. However, there is also gorgeous contemporary track lighting and many other styles that offer focused lighting for any variety of activities. Pendant lighting and wall sconces are other great choices for focused lighting. Large metal orbs or glass fixtures can make a grand statement to any basement entrance, adding that “wow” factor that will set the stage for the rest of the area.

While many homeowners focus on the main areas of the basement that will require illumination, one area that often is neglected is the staircase leading down to the basement itself. Those with a contemporary style might want to select LED lighting that will illuminate each stair for a dramatic look. Others might want to consider multiple theatre-style night lights that will add proper illumination in strategic areas along the entire staircase.


Whatever style you decide on for your basement remodeling project, we can help you select the perfect lighting that will complement your style and bring an otherwise dark space in your home to life. Please contact us for great lighting choices for basement areas, or anywhere else in the home.