3 Great Locations For Your Landscape Lighting

Adding lights to your landscape design is an excellent way to make your landscaping more visible and functional at night. It is also a good way to showcase certain areas of your landscape design that you think are especially beautiful or important. Here are three great locations for your landscape lighting.


A great place to incorporate landscape lighting is along either side of your sidewalk. You can choose to go with lights that are flat on the ground, or those that stick up and add more of a decorative accent to your landscaping. The lights can also be placed as far apart or as closed together as you’d like, depending on your lighting budget and how much light you would like. This will make it much easier to see your sidewalks at night, which can go a long way in making them safer.

Flower Beds 

Another great location for landscape lighting are your flower beds. These are areas of your landscape design that are exceptionally beautiful. Because of this, you likely want to show them off, whether it be day or night. The landscape lighting will act somewhat like stage lights, coming up from the ground to showcase your flowerbeds at night. Depending on the size and shape of the flower beds, you will want to pick out the size of lights that you’d like, as well as where to strategically place them.

A Man-Made Waterfall

The decision to build a man-made waterfall as part of your landscape design is a great one. It creates a beauty that is hard to match and you will likely enjoy how peaceful it is to watch the water run down the rocks. A great way to enhance your man-made waterfall is to add landscape lighting to it. You can choose from a variety of waterproof and weather resistant lights that can be installed within the rocks of your waterfall. The lights shining underneath the water will create a sparkling effect at night that is absolutely stunning. To make things even more fun, you could choose lights that have the ability to change colors as the water cascades over them.

Landscape lighting can add to any landscape design and can be perfect for walkways, flower beds, and man-made waterfalls.

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