Unique Lighted Ceiling Fan Ideas for Your Sunroom

When you’re searching for lighting as well as ceiling fans for your sunroom, consider a unique design that differs from what you’d usually choose for a standard room in your home. A sunroom customarily embodies the natural and open feeling of the outdoors in a setting protected from any harsh weather. Let this decor style also be reflected in your lighted ceiling fans.

Great Designs for a SunroomMC_Prairie_DET_14PRR62AGPD

Rattan Blades – For a traditional sunroom appearance, consider a fan with spectacular hand-carved blades made from solid wood with a vintage walnut finish and gorgeous rattan inlays. Pair this with an elegant bowl light in a Peruvian bronze finish or even a light made from Tiffany-style leaded glass for a look that will become a focal point in your sunroom.

Bamboo Blades – To reflect a contemporary style in your sunroom, opt for bamboo blades that come shaped like large leaves, which will bring a trendy outdoor look indoors. Choose an oak-colored bamboo with multiple round lights in tea-stained glass and a chic espresso finish. Or opt for woven white bamboo blades with a craftsman style bowl light for a fabulous transitional look.

Whimsical Blades – For a genuinely distinctive appearance, select a ceiling fan with two tiers of blades shaped like flower petals where the upper and lower ones rotate independently. Choose from a variety of lovely color combinations such as pink and green or teal and cherry or pink and white. Match this fan with a bowl light that comes in a white finish to create a beautiful, nature-inspired look in your sunroom.

When deciding on lighting along with ceiling fans for any sunroom, opt for a design that will separate your decor from the norm to create a distinctive look. For more information about high-quality lighting and fans for your home, please contact us today.