How Do You Pick The Best Accent Lighting For Your Foyer?

 The first room after your front door is where you make your first impression on guests. It’s the room that sets the mood for your FEISS Yarmouth-Lantern-Entry family as it comes home. It’s the room where friends linger when they are saying good-bye. Naturally, you want to make this room pretty and inviting. Accent lighting is a great way to accomplish this. But how do you get the most out of accent lighting for your foyer? What do you pick for the perfect mood enhancer and impression? Here are a few tips.

Keep Size In Mind

Lamps and pendant lights are fantastic lighting touches. They give your room a touch of the classy and quaint while adding a gently, more limited glow. However, if your foyer room has a low ceiling or is narrow, torchieres and sconces would be better accents. On the other hand: your foyer with a high ceiling and a wide hall could use the softening effects of pendant lights and lamps in order to feel cozier and give pleasant focal point in an open space. Figuring out what will fit your particular foyer requires a little fiddling.

What Else Is In The Foyer?

Foyers are great places to put your favorite watercolor painting or vase. It is an instant mood setter. How can the accent lighting you pick work with these art pieces? Putting a lamp, spotlight or pendant light near the artwork gives your guests a better view of it and literally highlights something that makes you happy. Putting the lamp across from the vase, however, can balance out the hall by having equally pretty things on both sides.

Another way that accent lighting can improve on your focal points: it can frame them. Putting matching lamps or sconces on either side the feature gives an ethereal halo around your piece.

What’s The Style?

Is the interior decor post-modern, French Country, or Colonial? If the rest of the house has a certain vibe, your foyer should have the same vibe. You are setting the scene for your house, and the lighting accents should contribute to the scene. If you are looking for a Industrial chic look, you want to pick a lamp in the foyer that looks industrial.

If you keep these points in mind, your foyer will let you set a pleasant mood for every day. When you want to fix up your foyer, contact us. We have the perfect accent lighting for you.