Don’t Stop at Decor, Focus on Ambiance

Between social media, home and gardening shows, and the neighbor next door who just completed their renovation, we are Adan_Collection_OA inundated with home updates and the pressure to have an inviting, welcoming space for family and friends. While your fresh paint and tile look great, what’s the point in investing time and money if your lighting is sub par and your guests can’t appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into your updates? Do you think all lights are created equal? If you’re unsure how to provide a comfortable ambiance for every room in your house via lighting, read on for some suggestions on how to up your lighting game.

Foyer Lighting

Starting at the entry point of your home, your foyer lighting should make a statement–not just with a unique chandelier either, but a warm, welcoming, bright light that tells your guests “we’re here!” Make sure the lighting is not too harsh but is bright enough to illuminate the entryway even for those late-night guests.

Living Room Lighting

For living room lighting, you’ll want to have multiple lighting options to suit your needs at different times. Choose a variety of light fixtures such as recessed lighting, lamps, and the like. Install dimmers to seamlessly transition between the lighting needs of family time, work, play, and movie nights.

Bedroom Lighting

Find light fixtures tailored to your home’s style and your preference, whether that’s layered lighting, tabletop lighting, or a combination of both, the choice is yours and yours alone. Ensure the space is properly illuminated, though, for activities that may need to be completed in the dark such as reading, working, or cleaning. Ceiling fans with lighting also work well and perform two tasks at once–find a style of ceiling fan that doesn’t overwhelm the room and doubles as decor.

Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

Focus on task lighting for these rooms; task lighting provides illumination for specific purposes such as meal prep or vanity lighting. Having overhead lighting to bring light to the entire room is essential, but also keep in mind the possible need for bulb lighting around a bathroom mirror and pendant lighting over a island counter-top in your kitchen.

When designing your home, the options for decor are endless. Let Yale Lighting Concepts help you make your lighting choices simple, contact us today to view our extensive catalogue for the latest styles and designs to complete your home.