Lighting Fixture Ideas for Glam Decor

If one or more areas in your home contain glam decor, you’ll want to select something other than ordinary lighting fixtures to contemporary lighting complete the look. For glam decor, you should opt for a chic design that will stand out and make a statement.

Entryway — When you first enter your home, set the tone immediately with a gorgeous drum-shaped lighting fixture. You should choose a design with beveled crystals for the best look. Select clear crystals for a soft appearance or opt for a variety of colors — such as clear, mirrored and light beige — arranged in an abstract pattern for an eye-catching effect.

Living Room — If you prefer a flush-mounted fixture to a chandelier in your central living area, options do exist that will work well in glam decor. Try a light that comes with colored tiles of fused glass, such as a Mother of Pearl iridescent design that looks as if it’s floating below a plate of nickel. Such an elegant flush-mounted light will become a conversation piece in your home.

Dining Room — Over the table, hang a chandelier in a starburst design. Try one with fluted glass and a lustrous bronze finish. Or select a corkscrew configuration in polished metal for a distinctive look that will become a focal point in the room. Another excellent choice is beveled crystal beads of various sizes mounted on polished chrome metal. You can’t go wrong with a starburst lighting fixture in spaces with a glam decor.

Kitchen — Above the island, hang two or three lantern-shaped fixtures with multi-colored crystal gems. Smokey quartz, brown, amber, emerald, and peridot colors will glisten and capture the attention of everyone who comes into your home. Hanging from an adjustable chain, you can raise or lower the height to exactly where you want them.

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