Unique Home Lighting for Modern Decor

Interior lighting should never become an afterthought. If your rooms have a modern decor, choosing the proper style of lights is tca5004vp_1_ essential if you want to maintain that modern aesthetic throughout your home.

Chandeliers — Go bold with large fixtures that draw the eye. A starburst design using glass piping will look great in a master bathroom. A beautiful brushed nickel fixture hanging in your formal dining space creates an elegant and modern look that you’ll love. Try a sleek, chrome chandelier with articulated arms in the entryway. Such a design is a conversation piece and makes a great first impression when someone visits. Change the angles to create a new and unique work of art!

Flush Mounts — Don’t settle for boring overhead lighting. Select a geometric design with laser-cut halos of metal for your bedroom. A multi-tiered, Cubist style looks perfect in a modern office. In your great room, try one or more polished chrome fixtures with a hand-etched, plate-glass shade to reflect a modern design and innovative technology. Don’t settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary can add stunning dimension and appeal to a room.

Table Lamps — When choosing a light for a table, a sleek black or glass base makes a good modern choice. Nickel-plated steel and stainless steel also look perfect with a modern decor. To add color, try art glass. Choose one color that matches your decor for a sophisticated look. For something ultra-modern, select an unusual design such as stacked iron blocks or a large chunk of hand-cut crystal. Lamps with a linear shape look especially dazzling in rooms with a modern flair.

Taking your time and selecting modern light fixtures that match the decor of your rooms will complete the interior look of your house. For more ideas about unusual, unique, and efficient lighting options, please contact us today. We’ll help you find something to match your home!