Stunning Light Fixtures for Victorian Decor

Victorian decor is known for its grandeur and ornamentation. If you try to combine modern or even contemporary lighting with such Kichler _ Halleron 43613OZ a decor, you’ll ruin the look. Luckily, many choices exist in lighting for homeowners who love the Victorian era.

Victorian Lighting Options for Your Home

Lamps — Most homes contain table lamps that grace side tables, end tables, night stands, and other places. For a truly historic appeal, choose hurricane lamps in a Victorian style to light your rooms. First invented in the 1700s, this lamp has retained its popular design over the years. A gold-leaf version will look gorgeous in any formal areas. An antique brass style works well in an informal setting.

Flush Mounts — For your main light source in each room, you’ll need lighting mounted to the ceiling. Victorian-style, flush-mounted lights that come accented with crystals or cathedral glass offer beauty and efficiency. Though modern in function, the ornamental design will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time and will delight everyone in your family. If you don’t like flush mounts, semi-flush mounts are also available.

Chandeliers — For an area such as a large dining room, adequate lighting is a must. A large chandelier with multiple bulbs, shaped like candles, all surrounded by black metal will enhance any Victorian decor. You’ll almost feel like you should light the candles by hand instead of simply flipping a switch. These antique-looking chandeliers will impress everyone who dines in your home.

Pendants — For any other areas in your home where you need extra lighting, consider Victorian-designed pendants. If you choose a glass down version, it makes changing the light bulbs a snap. Pendants work well in family rooms, kitchens, and entertainment spaces. They’ll provide the light you need while maintaining the historic beauty of your home.

For more lighting ideas and options to match your decor, please contact us today. We have various types of lighting that can enhance any design style. In business for over 75 years, we believe in quality products and exceptional service!