Home Lighting Seasonal Tip: Your Ceiling Fan Direction

The fan has tilted blades for a reason. These blades are better at pushing air up or down as they spin, which helps provide that

ceiling fan

breeze that you like so much in hot weather. Depending on which way you have the blades spinning, though, you can make your room feel warmer, too.

Stand under the fan while it’s on and look up. If the blades are spinning counterclockwise, that’s the setting you want to use during warm weather. The angled blades push air down on you to create that breeze.

If the blades are spinning clockwise, though, that’s the setting you want for cool weather. Those blades are pulling air up toward the ceiling where the air will displace the warm air that’s already up there. That warm air will disperse throughout the room as a result, creating a warmer feel in the room.

Switching between the two settings is easy because there is an actual switch on the side of the fan housing that you flip up or down.

It is possible on some ceiling fans to have the blade directions reversed. This isn’t common, but if you set the fan to turn counterclockwise and instead feel warmer, that might be an indication that you have one of those reverse fans.

If you’d like to know more about using your ceiling fan to make your home much more comfortable no matter the temperature outside, Yale Lighting can help. Contact us for help with setting your fan direction for the season and save the date for our ceiling fan sale starting April 15th!