The Best Lighting for Different Rooms in the House

While lighting for different rooms in the house varies, it is always a key component, as important as the furniture or paint color.  Proper lighting enhances each room’s distinct personality.FEISS Prarielands-IslandChand-Kitchen

The living room is the showcase of your house.  A gathering spot for friends and family, it is where your best decorating ideas are on display.   A good mix of accent, task and ambient lighting will enhance any living room.

Accent lighting, including flood lights and wall sconces, highlights pieces of art. Task lighting adds brightness for specific activities, such as reading a book or doing a puzzle.  Adjustable floor lamps or table lamps achieve this effect.   Ambient lighting, or fill light, creates a soft, warm glow.  Low-key track lighting or recessed lighting accomplishes this.

If the living room is the showcase of your home, then the kitchen is its heart and soul.   Intimate activities occur here, including cooking, eating and entertaining. To create a warm, welcoming kitchen, the room needs both task and ambient lighting.

Task lighting is ideal for cooking spaces.  Shadow-free, under-cabinet lighting and stovetop lights achieve this.   Recessed can lights with incandescent bulbs create ambient lighting and cast a soft glow, welcoming all who enter.  Chandelier and pendant lights over the center island add to this soft wave of light.

Your bathroom is a private sanctuary.  Light it accordingly.  This means having  task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting.

A sconce lighting fixture at eye level on either side of the mirror provides shadowless, functional task lighting.  A pendant fixture with a semitransparent shade creates ambient light. Recessed, directional light accents art pieces.  A decorative pendent light adds bathroom pizzazz.

If you have a brand new home or are redecorating the family homestead, nothing matters quite as much creating the perfect light in each room.  Contact us for beautiful fixtures and great lighting ideas.