3 Unique Home Lighting Ideas

You may finally have that dream home or you may have just renovated the old one, but does it feel like something is still missing? Having inadequate or the wrong lighting in your home can ruin the feel and aura. Below are three unique lighting ideas to make #1 Natutical Nuances your home perfect.

Repeat and Match the Designs:

A great way to liven up a room is to repeat and match your chandeliers to your furniture. If you have a square table put a square chandelier. If you have a round table put a round chandelier. This not only livens up the room with elegant symmetry, but also allows for even light distribution for the whole table.

Use Different Layers to Light Up The Room:

The three lighting layers are ambient, accent, and task. Ambient lighting is your standard room lighting. It is the overhead lighting that lightens up a room. Accent lighting is lighting that focuses on a specific object in the room. Accent lighting is a great way to put a statue or other object in the limelight. Task lighting is a type of lighting to help you do a specific duty. Combining two or all three layers can give any room in your house a unique look.

Halogen Light Bulbs:

If you want to really brighten a room, Halogen light bulbs are a great way to do just that. Halogen lights gives off an appearance of natural daylight and are a good alternative to Incandescent and Fluorescent bulbs.

If you want a more personal approach on how to light your home, make sure to contact us.