Lighting your Home with LED’s for Dramatic Night Lighting

You can create dramatic exterior home lighting with next-generation LED lighting systems. Traditional floodlights will blanket exterior spaces with monochromatic illumination that fails to show off different exterior textures or surfaces of your house. When you use LED lights, you can emphasize different architectural feature and spaces with color and lighting temperature variations that leave a stunning impression on viewers. You can also push LED lighting patterns onto walkways and landscape to unify your entire exterior space.

When you select an LED system to light the exterior of your home, consider the spread1 LED Kichler Dahlia_49558AZLED_Outdoor_ of the beam and different wattage LED luminaires that are available. Your lighting specialist will explain the color temperature range that is available with LED’s. Lighting color temperature can have an inverse relationship to the actual physical temperature of a light fixture. Lower value temperatures will cast softer and warmer light, and higher temperature fixtures cast a brighter light.

Energy efficiency is an added benefit of next-generation LED lighting systems. You may be able to cut your electrical energy consumption by up to 50% with an LED system. That system can operate for more than 50,000 hours, and in some cases up to 100,000 hours, all of which reduces your maintenance and bulb replacement costs. Further, newer LED’s do not have the same reduction in luminosity over time that plagued a few of the first generation of LED lighting systems.

If you are concerned with safety, you can use LED lights for both dramatic lighting effects and for uniform lighting across a broad area. LED lights generate illumination that is more akin to natural lighting, which allows better visualization of surfaces and contrasts to improve safety.

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