A Ceiling Fan for Your Smaller Room


ceiling fan If you have a tiny space, you need something that won’t overwhelm but will still move the air.  So what style ceiling fan is right for your small room?

The Disappearing Fan

If you’d rather not draw attention to the fan at all, you can go with a simple white ceiling fan that will all but disappear on a white ceiling. Why not step it up a notch?  You can get a fan that doesn’t look like a fan at all.  Try a ceiling fan that looks like a fancy lighting fixture, but actually serves double duty with a hidden fan!  The Air Lonizing Fan D’Lier appears to be a drum pendant light with a beautiful silver mica shade, but hides a fan and includes a remote control.  The Chandel-Air looks like a chandelier, but cleverly conceals a ceiling fan in a polished stainless steel nickel finish.

The Fan to Make a Statement

If you’re not looking to hide your small ceiling fan, you have even more options.  The traditional style comes in many different colors to suit your room, but again, you can also try something completely different.  This 36 inch fan is like nothing you’ve seen.  It has a light, and two fans on flexible arms.  It looks old-fashioned, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  The fans have three speeds, go in reverse, and it comes with a dimmer/remote.

No matter what style fan you like, we can match you up.  There’s no reason your smaller room should suffer not having a ceiling fan when there are so many options.  Contact us today to find the fan for you!