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Match Your Bathroom Lighting to Your Bathroom Style

Kichler_Como_45170CH_45172CH_Bathroom_1000x807 You’ve finally decided to remodel and have the bathroom of your dreams. Have you thought about your bathroom lighting yet?  The style of your bathroom lighting should match the style of your bathroom.  After all, it is one of the first things people will notice when they flip the switch on.

Does your bathroom have a modern or contemporary flair?  You can go simple, with clean lines and chrome, or you can still make a bold color statement.

If restoration is what you’re into, you can add a steampunk look that is reminiscent of Tesla or Edison, or go more retro with a downward facing fifties style vanity.  There is also a gas lamp style that would fit into a restorative style bathroom very well.

Traditional more your speed?  You may want to look for a fixture with scrollwork, or perhaps a filigree one-piece vanity.  Traditional style can also include streamlined pieces, so don’t forget to look there if that’s more you than scrollwork.

If you’re going with Victorian, get to the scrollwork for real. Intricate is what this style is all about.  You can also look for copper colors when your bathroom is Victorian.

This is only a small sampling of the kind of lighting you can access.  Contact us so we can help you make the impact you want so people will remember the style of your bathroom.  After all, the lighting is one of the last things they’ll see as they flip the switch off on their way out.