3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Dining Room Lighting

When it comes to dining room lighting, you want it to be perfect. Thankfully, this is absolutely possible by following a few simple tips.

Make Your Table The Focal Point

When determining where to hang your dining room lighting, it is important to make your dining room table the focal point of the room. This is the most important piece in the room after all and where you and your guests will spend your time. However, just because the table is the focal point doe sn’t mean you can’t go bold with your lighting and make your fixture a statement piece. You can choose a large bright colored dome light, a chandelier with gorgeous crystals, or a variety of unique geometric shaped light fixtures. 

Size Matters 

The size of your dining room lighting is very important. You want a light that is big enough to light the room, but not so big that it overwhelms it. A good rule of thumb is to choose a light that is no larger than 1/3 the length of your dining room table. You could also choose two smaller lights that hang over either side of your table.

Don’t Make It Too Bright 

While you may want your kitchen lighting to be very bright in order to see while you are cooking and baking meals, you just don’t need this same level of light in your dining area. Instead, you want it to be a bit more dim and comfortable for those who are sitting at your table and eating. Whether you choose to mount the lighting fixture to your ceiling or hang it down on a chain, the watts and amount of lights within the fixture are what will allow you to create the perfect mood lighting.

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