Add More Lighting in Your Kitchen to Remove Permanent Shadows

Most kitchens have one or two central light sources. The biggest light will be in the middle of the open walkway. If your kLexi-Pend-Kitchen itchen has an island or a wrap-around countertop, there may be a few recessed lights above it. But the only other sources of illumination that your kitchen came with is indirect lighting from other rooms. That leaves a lot of the room in shadow, no matter how bright the bulbs are. So add light in these three spaces to make your kitchen more functional and more comfortable:

1. Add lights to the bottom of your upper cabinets.

A lot of work gets done on your kitchen counters. But there’s not always enough light to do it easily. Whenever you’re chopping up produce or mixing together a recipe, you stand between the light and your workspace. Get rid of the shadows with undercabinet lighting. You can either add wires through the base of your cabinets or get battery-powered LED fixtures.

2. Find where appliances and decorations leave shadows.

If you have a small kitchen, you don’t have a lot of space for storage. That means your appliances and jars may live on the countertops. Don’t just get frustrated the next time you realize you’re working in the shadows. Mark where the most frustrating dim spots are and look for lighting fixtures that can help.

3. Brighten up your lower cabinets.

The interiors of your cabinets are even darker. But while your upper cabinets have the advantage of being closer to the light and farther from obstructions, your lower cabinets are completely dark. Add lights you can flip on and off whenever you need to look through them.

Adding a light to the cabinet under the sink is even more useful/ You can keep an eye out for water damage and have an easier time organizing your cleaning supplies.

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