Festive Winter Bathroom Lighting

You’ve recreated a gorgeous holiday landscape outside your home. You’ve managed to add holiday cheer and warmth to your main floor, but what about your bathroom? After all, cold bathroom floors on early mornings are no fun, but with a few classy lighting choices, you can easily turn your bathroom into a winter haven filled with soft warmth even your toes will want to sink into.44-Valentina-WB1449OBZ

Mason Jar Lights

Those strings of soft fairy lights are much more versatile than you’d expect, especially with their huge selection of colors to choose from. Pick up a few strands of these battery operated lights and drop them in various sized mason jars. Scatter them around your bathroom, on the back of your garden tub, in the windowsill, on your sink. The soft glow will make an instant (and easy) change to your atmosphere.

Energy Efficient Night Lights

These small lights may not glow very bright, but when the lights go off, they come on. The light they project is just enough to turn any space, especially a small one, into a wintery type of place. They are handy year round all over the house, and they save you money on your light bill.

Copper Wire Lights

For those phytophilous’ out there, a rustic yet elegant way to jazz up your bathroom with a wintery touch would be to add copper wire lights around and under your favorite plants and accessories. Since these are available in a wide array of colors, they are fantastic mood enhancers. Another great thing about these lights is that you can string them together if you needed a longer strand. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with these lights. Your creativity will shine.

Foldable Shapes

These aren’t just for outside. A well-placed foldable star or snowflake can transform your bathroom into a cozy haven for all those warm bubble baths you dream of. You can hang them against your wall or dangle them from your ceiling.

Lighted Wall Sconces

There are so many options for these lights. They are versatile and just switching out one type for another can be a very easy way to change the atmosphere in your bathroom. Jewel Box bath bars would be an excellent permanent set up for creating softer mood lighting in your bathroom.


Perhaps you’d like something a bit more permanent in your bathroom. There are plenty of options for you, too! A good start would be to hang a snowflake or spiral fiber optic chandelier from your ceiling.

Whirly Hanging Tea Light Candle Holders

This hot trend in interior designing offers so much flexibility and creativity! Decorate your orbs with tea light topped flower petals or just the tea lights themselves and hang them around your bathroom. Since you can add anything you want inside the orbs, you have even more options to maintain a seasonal vibe all year long. The transformation these light offer is an incredibly soft glow that can be as dim or bright as you’d like.

As you can see, there are many, many options for transforming your bathroom into a winterscape. Contact us today and let us take the stress out of your interior lighting needs!