Tips to Enhance Bathroom Lighting

A proper lighting plan in a home can make it a much more efficient and comfortable place to live.  When you are looking to improve SGL Alturas_Bath the lighting in your home, each room in the house needs to have a different lighting plan based on the room’s use.  One room of your home that has unique lighting needs is your bathroom.  There are several bathroom lighting tips that you should follow.

Mirror Lighting Tips

Ideally, you will have different light sources in your bathroom.  One type of light that you will need to have is a very bright bulb around the bathroom mirror.  A bathroom mirror is frequently used to do makeup, shave, and complete a number of other tasks.  Since these tasks require you to be able to see your face as well as possible, having more light is very important.

Softer Light

While you may want a bright light around the mirror, you should also look for a set of lights that can provide you with a softer light.  When you are taking a bath or shower, having access to a more relaxing type of light could be very beneficial.  Having a LED light with a dimmer switch can allow you to control the exact amount of light in the bathroom and help you to save on energy bills.

Natural Light

If your bathroom has a window, you should also try and incorporate natural light as much as possible.  Using lighter shades and blinds can help to bring in more natural light during the day.

When you are looking to improve the lighting in your bathroom, you should contact us to learn more.