How To Be Creative With Lighting

Different Light Preferences


It’s actually possible to make a room look relatively bright with only a few lights. Rooms with powerful and high-quality lighting products from Yale Lighting also don’t have to be uncomfortably bright for anyone. People can position the lights throughout a room creatively in a way that will give them the results that they want.

Lighting on Both Ends of a Room

Some people are able to make their rooms look very bright with only a couple of lights. They will do this by positioning a powerful light on one half of the room, and another equally powerful light at the other half of the room. This setup can work particularly well for rooms that have a longer and more rectangular shape.

Illumination From the Back

People who want lower lighting levels all the time will still need some light. Rooms will look brighter automatically if people are often facing the lights themselves. People who are sensitive to brightness will have to be looking away all the time. Back-lighting might help them solve some of their problems.

People should look around their homes and try to get a sense of where they tend to sit in rooms. They should then position the lights so they will almost always be in front of the lights in practice. When the lights are positioned this way, people will still get all of the benefits associated with illumination. However, the illumination will be much more subtle. Yale Lighting products are versatile enough that people should be able to easily get the results that they want.

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