Use Bias Lighting for Computing & TV Watching


There’s no doubt about it – modern times have brought looking at monitors and screens throughout large portions of the day to most of us – for work and pleasure. Our parents used to say that we’d go blind watching TV in the dark – while, perhaps not exactly true, it is definitely hard on the eyes. The harsh lighting of computers and television screens is no doubt a strain on vision. However, proper lighting can reduce eye strain, and help retain good eye health.

The idea is simple – to diffuse the brightness of the screen. Bias lighting provides background lighting, or behind the screen lighting. You don’t want a spot light shining at you, but rather diffuse lighting that is easy on the eyes. There is bias lighting specifically designed for use with desktop computers. But, with most of us moving around on laptops, subtle lighting in the rooms that we often use, is also preferred.

Natural lighting is great, if diffused. You don’t need even more glare from the sun, or its reflection. Bias lighting raises ambient light levels in the viewing area without directly shining light toward the viewer’s face and eyes, or shining light from behind, past the viewer toward the screen, which can cause glare.

Soft wall lights are great and some forms of floor lighting can work well. A floor lamp or desk lamp that has a good shade will also work. You are looking for gentle backlighting for your TV or computer screen.

The other key is the degree of light of the bulbs you use. You don’t want something too warm, or too soft – but rather as close to the reference point of your screen. Generally, that point is about 6500 K (Kelvin Color Temperature Scale), which cool light and daylight bulbs try to simulate.

Whatever fixtures you choose, you want your ambient light to be low and without glare. Use the same bulbs in all fixtures, so the intensity is constant. Use blinds or drapes to reduce glare from your windows, as needed. Our Yale Lighting Concepts pros can offer great advice for lighting for different rooms throughout the house. Feel free to give us a call, or stop by our showrooms.