3 Unique Lighting Options For Your Living Room

Schonbek table Lamp

1. A Classic Floor Lamp

Floor lamps allow you to showcase both design and detail work. They also often take multiple lightbulbs, ensuring that the space will be bright enough for anything from watching TV to reading a good book or entertaining guests. From classic to modern, your design options are almost endless.

2. A Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights are not always the norm in American living rooms, but they offer significant potential nonetheless. Your design options are more limited, but you can use them to ensure plenty of light especially if your windows don’t let as much natural light as you’d prefer.

3. A Table Lamp

In many ways, table lamps are the smaller brother of floor lamps. They allow you to add ambient light, while simultaneously offering a design opportunity through both their lampshade and design. You should never rely on a table lamp alone to light your living room, but adding one – on an end table, perhaps – to your existing lighting options can both brighten up the space and enhance the room’s interior design.

Lighting your living room, at its core, comes down to your personal preference. But the above three options allow you to customize the space to make sure that you can enjoy both the light and the design of the most-used room in your house. For more information on how to light up the various rooms in your home, contact us.