Think Out of the Box When it Comes to Home Lighting Ideas

 Lighting is an all too often under-utilized decorating accessory. Brighten up every corner of your home, both inside and out. Khloe-Wall-Hallway Nothing says “welcome” better than a house aglow with soft lighting.

The laundry room need not be devoid of a touch of class. A small accent lamp strategically placed on a shelf, or a candlestick lamp tucked away on the folding counter is an eye-appealing alternative to harsh overhead lighting once the chores are done.

Dress up a bare wall in the hall with a pair of sconces. Actually, use three ( or even five) for a balanced and dramatic look. With accessories, often odd numbers work best.

Chandeliers are not just for hanging over the dining room or kitchen table. Hanging one above the bathtub gives the room a spa-like ambience. While you are refreshing the bathroom, ditch the traditional night-light. Today’s bathrooms have vanities that will easily accommodate  a traditional table lamp. This is an unexpected way to add some color and texture to the room for a minimum amount of money.

Add some panache to your walk-in closet by installing a whimsical chandelier. Elevate the importance of an object d’art with a spotlight and illuminate a stairwell with a series of pendant lights hung at different heights.

Pepper your outdoor space with landscape lighting. As the sun goes down, your gardens and walkways will come alive.

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